The Seven Essentials You NEED for Hot Yoga!

We love a good hot yoga class - we leave every one feeling amazing and super skinny, but motivating ourselves to get out of bed and actually GO to yoga is basically impossible. These seven must-haves are so adorable that they make us want to turn off the Netflix and shimmy into our yoga gear!

1.) Naked Undies Baxter Fold Over Pant

This is the loveliest, softest pant ever - and just loose enough that you can fit some snug shorts underneath them when it gets too hot. Not to mention that they make your butt look quite nice!

2.) Custom Yoga Mat

Because WHAT could make you want to go to yoga more than a mat that you designed yourself?!

3.) Day Dreamer Flip Flops

Our sweaty feet cringe at the idea of being shoved back into constricting sneakers. TKEES gives us the perfect solution: light, comfortable flip-flops that fit easily into any tote - in a variety of the cutest colors!

4.) Spiritual Gangster Tank Top

Going to yoga makes us feel a million times more spiritual - kind of like a spiritual gangster. This top does, too. Not to mention that it's super soft and light!

5.) Ombre Bobby Pins

One of our favorite hot yoga hairstyles is coronet braids - they keep the hair out of your eyes, but still allow you to lay down comfortably. These bobby pins are a favorite way to secure them while staying colorful and cute!

6.) Pam & Gela Low Twisted Neck Sweatshirt

We know what you want from the perfect sweatshirt: not choking your neck, not too heavy but not too light, colorful, flattering, and cool. Pam and Gela know, too, and they've added one extra detail that makes this yoga-perfect -- thumb holes! We already feel more meditative.¤cyCode=USD&ef_id=U1XXUgAAAEXGfCgH:20140730183706:s

7.) Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

All we do is read about how we should be drinking lemon water. Here's a great, easy way to have lemon water both in yoga class and on the go!