Appalachian  Mountains

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What is the Geology of the Appalachian Mountains?

These Mountains were formed about 480 million years ago, they were created when 2 plates crashed into each other. This was created during the time of the Paleozoic Era, in the mountains they're many different types of rocks such as Sedimentary and Volcanic. The Appalachian is famous of getting Coal, Oil and Gas production. These mountains are found in the eastern part of North America such as in New Brunswick goes up to places in america such as Georgia.


The climate is fair in the Appalachian Mountain, many humans that go there tell people about the beautiful breeze that occurs daily in the summer time. The weather does not get harsh or too cold it usually just fair.There is no large body of water and the Maritime temperatures have been moderated from ages. In the winter temperatures do get below 0 but not as much snow more ice. The climate is good enough for growing food and plants also many of the trees make it past the winter.

Soil & Vegetation

The Soil and Vegetation is very good in the Appalachian, in the region there is Mixed forests and also low tree formations. This is great for farmers and farming. Some of the trees that grow here are Maple, Beesh, Ash and oak. Since the climate is good the soil is very rich.

Human Activities

In the Appalachian their are many human activities such as Farming because of the rich soil and free land, Hunting because there are many animals in the forest and mountain to go for such as Deer's, Malibu etc. Many humans could even camp in this region because it is safe and Hiking is also a famous one in the mountains too. Overall a big thing people come to do in the Appalachian is to take pictures of the history that was here for many millions of years and also because of the nature that is in the region.

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