Pronghorns are the second fastest runner in the world. They can run at 67 miles per hour. In first place is the cheetah who can run at 71 miles per hour. Pronghorns fight eachother to see who is tougher.  Pronghorns have a lot of ranges. There are very seldom room in the united states for pronghorns to live. Pronghorns do not live in wisconsin. When you look at the black you see that pronghorns do not live in very many spots in the United States.

Pronghorns fight each other a lot.

Pronghorns come in different shapes and sizes and they can look cute.

Where the black is is where the pronghorns live

As you see the pronghorn has a lot of things in its body.

Pronghorns come in a lot of groups and they have but cracks like us.

Sadly Pronghorns are getting hunted down by humans.

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3 years ago

Pronghorns come in a bunch of sizes.