Nelson Mandela's Life

By: Amber Wiggins


On July 18, 1918 Rolihlahla Mandela was born to the Mvezo Tribe in the Transkei.

In 1925 he attends a Primary School near Qunu and gets the name Nelson from a teacher.

1939 - 1940

In 1939 Nelson enrolls at the University of Fort Hare.

In 1940 Nelson gets expelled.

1941 - 1943

In 1941 Nelson escapes and arranged marriage.

In 1942 Nelson completes BA through the University of South Africa and begins to attend the African National Congress (ANC) meetings.

In 1943 Nelson graduates with BA from Fort Hare.

1944 - 1951

In 1944 Nelson co-founds the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). He also marries Evelyn Ntoko Mase, they have four children: Thembekile, Makaziwe, Makgatho and another Makaziwe.

In 1948 Nelson was elected secretary of the ANCYL.

In 1951 Nelson was elected president of the ANCYL.


In 1952 the Defiance Campaign began and Nelson was arrested and charged. He was elected Transvaal ANC President. He was also convicted with Walter Sisulu and 18 others under the Suppression of Communism Act. He was sentenced nine months imprisonment with hard labor.

1956 - 1960

In 1956 Nelson was arrested and joins 155 others on trial for Treason.

In 1958 Nelson divorces Evelyn Mase; he marries Nomzamo Winnie Madikizela and they have two kids: Zenani and Zindzi.

In 1960 there was the Sharpeville Massacre and the ANC is banned.


On January 11 Nelson leaves the country for military training and to garner support for the ANC.

On July 23 Nelson returns to South Africa.

On August 5 Nelson is arrested near Howick.

On November 7 Nelson was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for leaving the country without a passport.


In 1963 Nelson is sent to Robben Island and he appears in court for the first time with many others. He pleads not guilty to sabotage in the Rivonia Trial.

In 1964 Nelson arrives at Robben Island and Thembekile is killed in a car accident.


January 1- Nelson spends New Year's with his family.

March 9- Nelson is admitted to the hospital.

March 10- Nelson is discharged from the hospital.

March 27- Nelson is admitted to the hospital.

April 6- Nelson is discharged from the hospital.

June 8- Nelson is admitted to the hospital.

July 18- Nelson spends his 95th birthday in the hospital.

September 1- Nelson is discharged from the hospital.

December 5- Nelson dies.