The Great Depression

  • It was the longest and most severe Depression ever experienced bythe industrialized Western world. As you will see in the play, the Jerome family deals with severe economic struggles, typical of the Great Depression, which underline and heighten the conflicts occurring within the family.
  • The Great Depression was an economic slump in North America , Europe, and other industrialized areas of the world that began in 1929 and lasted until about 1939.

Colleges In The 1930's

  • Penn University. 
  • College, School of Engineering and applied Science (SEAS) and the Wharton School:
    Tuition: $400, which included the General Fee
    Full-Time Graduate Groups (Ph.D.):
  • Room and Board: $520
    Text-books: $35
  • Quaker       
    • The difference between the college today and before are that in 2015 the college have a more options about what you want study and which career you want have.
    • Gas averaged 10 cents a gallon in the United States, during the 1930s.
    • Dozen Eggs 18 Cents
      Bananas 19 cents for 4 Pounds
      Bacon, 38 cents per pound
      Bread, white, 8 cents
      Ketchup, 9 cents
      Potatoes, 18 cents for 10 pounds
      Sugar, 49 cents for 10 pounds New Jersey
    • A New car in the 1930s Costed
      * on average about $640
    • The average price of a house in 1930 was $7145.00

    Satan's Apology

    Mr. Stroheim

    I am writing this letter to inform and offer my apologies as I recently and noticed that and made a mistake. I apologize again but other than that I would like to ask you to take into account at least I could go back to working with you.

    Believe that with all the pain I ask this great favor but the truth is that I need and I feel good state is that job. And also forgive me for the third time that my pride alla left but one of my faults simpre been very rude to be talking first and thinking underside say first what deveria

    No more to say and all the sorrow of the world hope to have mercy on my. And tanks for your time.

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