K-9 Unit Officer

Who does the officer report to?

The officer reports to county sheriffs, state and city police departments, and for federal law enforcement agencies patrolling domestic and international seaports, airports and borders, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Transportation Security Administration.

Whats the purpose of this job?

Some purposes of this job is..

  • Discover illegal drugs, explosives, chemicals and other illegal substances
  • Find and rescue that are missing or have been kidnapped
  • Track and apprehend criminals fleeing from the law
  • Discover corpses that have been buried or left in the wilderness
  • Locate evidence from crime scenes
  • Inspect vehicles
  • Deter criminals who might otherwise confront or assault a police officer
  • Identify people who have been carrying or have been in contact with illegal drugs and controlled substances

What are the responsibilities in this job?

Though the job may be exciting to hear about, there are many responsibilities. Being a K-9 Officer is not only working for the law, you need to work for your dog too. This pup will be with you for the rest of its career, and life. You need to make sure to take care of your four legged companion. For example, this dog will be with you even when you are not at work. So that means you need to feed it, let it outside, clean its kennel, and get into a relationship with it. A good working team always has a great relationship, and they always have each others backs.

What are some Qualifications of this Job?

Some qualifications are more difficult than others, but some of the qualifications include;

  • K9 police officers and their K9 companions both receives specialized training in the detection of narcotics, electronic devices, explosives, and corpses.
  • A bachelor's degree in criminal justice, law enforcement, forensic sciences and other related concentrations is a big part to becoming a K-9 officer in most states and local departments.
  • You need to take part in many training, as part of the job. You and your canine will need to take a lot of training, which includes, how to keep your dog under control, how to switch your leash in your other hand so you can pull out your gun, how to release your dog.
  • You must have a high level of patience. Training and teaching your dog and yourself will take a while, so make sure to hang on to that patience the next time your with your pup.



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