Thirteen Reasons Why

BY: Jay Asher



In Hannah's opinion, the world is against her. More often than not, these "villains" are peers from school.

The Tapes

Hannah made 13 cassette tapes before killing herself. Clay doesn't know why he is on them but he must listen to the tapes to find out.



Betrayal, guilt, blame, shame, lack of loyalty, are a few of the themes you will find in this book. Hannah Baker decides what she thinks is the best choice and ends her life. Why? Being backstabbed by "friends" and putting trust into the wrong people are a few reasons. A rumor is just that. A rumor. But the rumor starts a negative reputation that at some points, feels virtually impossible to shake from.

I would recommend this book to high school students because that age group has the most chance at relating than other age groups. Having your trust in someone and that being broken is something most highschooler's are all too familiar with. There is sympathy for Hannah Baker but we all have our specific ways of dealing and coping with betrayal, trust issues, and much more.

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