Cultural Etiquette

Children are very discipline, and respect their parents along with the elders. The elderly are very respected since they are considered the wisest people. When meeting and greeting everyone shakes hands including children, and sometimes when good friends see each other again they will kiss.

Body language is really important in Greece, and something that Americans would be fine with, and the Greeks wouldn’t is head nodding. Nodding your head in a responsive way is not polite, and shouldn’t be done in public.

Proper etiquette for a party would be that you arrive at least 30 minutes late. This is different from the US because here you are suppose to arrive on the start time of the party. But in Greece 8:00 means “after 8:00.” While at a dinner party the hosts are extremely generous, and the guests are expected to follow whatever the host says. Business should not be brought up at the table, its very impolite.

Also if you are either in a restaurant, or at someones house for dinner, you are expected to eat all the food that was put on your plate. If the waiter or host hands you a plate that has too much food on it, and you don’t think you would be able to eat it all, you should not touch the plate, but tell them politely that you would not be able to eat it all. At that point they can either take it back to the kitchen, and take some food off the plate, and bring it back to you, or the host may insist that you eat any and everything that you can.

Whenever you are out in public you should dress informal, although Women are expected to wear dresses, and men should wear a nice button up shirt, or suit depending on the day, time, and event they are going to, or leaving from.

Weddings and Funerals

Weddings: It is different for a girl when she gets married. When a girl gets married it consists of  three stages. The first stage is her separation from her Okios.

When a young girl is going to get married it consists of three phases.

  1. Separation from her Oikos
  2. Transition to a new home
  3. Integration into her new roles as daughter and wife within a new oikos (the oldest male with his wife and children)

Funerals: The funeral usually will take place within 24 hours of death. The coffin lid is placed outside the front door of the house where the loved one lived. Funeral wreaths are only given by close relatives and these wreaths are placed outside the house with the coffin lid.

Mealtimes ans typical diet for each meal

Greeks usually eat a big Breakfast including bread, cheese, and often times fresh fruit along with milk with coffee. In the country, or rural areas the largest meal of the day will be eaten around 1:00 to 2:00 allowing schools, and business to close and let people stay home, and have a relaxful lunch. Although in the large cities business people don’t have this leisure, and often times they will stay at work to eat lunch which consists of hand food like small sandwiches, or fresh fruit, and when they get home from work they will have a larger meal. Either way in both the rural area, and big cities people will have a snack in the afternoon usually with either cheese, bread, fresh fruit, dip, and sometimes olives. This small meal is called mezethes. Then depending if you live in the city, or rural area, you have have a heavy dinner, or light dinner. But no matter where you are dinner is always served late at night. Sometimes as late at 10:00.

Unique Festival in Greece

River Party at Nestorio: This is a Greek music Festival with a tradition that brings 50,000 fans together for 5 days. During these 5 days there are events alongside the Aliakmonas River. This festival is unique because the visitors have a chance to camp by the river in a amazing outdoor area around the stages ( where the Festival itself takes place.

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