Jean-Claude Duvalier
By: Tyler Assetta


Duvalier was born in Port-au-Prince which is the capital of Haiti. Jean-Claude was called baby doc because he was the son of the Haitian leader Francois Duvalier who was nicknamed Papa Doc. Baby Doc made some changes to his father's regime. He made millions during his reign by drug deals and also from selling the body parts of dead Haitians. During his reign there was widespread swine flu leading to slaughter of all pigs and major famine. Also the spread of Aids led to less tourists which made a decline in the economy. Baby Doc was exiled to France after his presidency and returned to Haiti in 2011 only to be arrested.


3) Creative Piece

Roses are red

violets are blue

Baby Doc will kill me and you

Cut up our bodies

take out our hearts

Sell them to people

to use for parts

traffic drugs

pocket the money

while the rest of the country

can't afford bread and honey


Did Baby doc really change anything when he got into leadership? Why?