Poetry Elements-Grade 6- C. Genest K. Hall

Simile Poem

To right a simile poem in your poem you have to compare two different things using the words like or as. For some examples of some simile poems click on the link above. There are some examples of a simile poem in the link.

Onomatopoeia poem

This link goes to a website that has a bunch of examples of onomatopoeia poems. A onomatopoeia poem has words describe the sound that is happening in the poem. In this link there are examples of onomatopoeia poems.

Alliteration Poem

In this link we have examples of alliteration poems and how you can make them. Alliteration is where you have a poem where most of the words have the same beginning letter.

Rhyme Poem

A Rhyme poem is a poem that rhymes at the end of each sentence but some rhymes can be at the beginning of the sentence. This is a very funny poem that we found hope you like it.

Repetition Poem

This link has multiple examples of repetition. Repetition is where you have a word that repeats its self multiple times. In these poems they have a lot of repetition.

Metaphor poems

For this link we have some examples of metaphor poems. A metaphor is where you compare something not using the words like or as. These examples are from other people around the world.

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