Ian Renner New York - learning the craft

Ian Renner of New York is a set designer who has been working in the film and TV industry for many years. He began learning the craft as a student at the New York Academy of Film in the mid-1980s, and advises younger people who are interested in careers like his to go to film school.

"And watch a lot of movies," he adds, in all seriousness. He says that he grew up watching movies and knew that he wanted to work in the film industry in some capacity when was an adult. And so he was totally absorbed by the process, and would watch certain movies over and over. His youth coincided with the advent of the home video industry, and suddenly he was able to watch his favorite films repeatedly, whenever he wanted to; he became a student of detail.

There are countless film programs that students can take advantage of, he says. Even a film program at a small school is going to expose a student to the fundamentals of the craft. "There are definitely better film programs at some schools, but they're really competitive and hard to get into." As a student at the New York Academy of Film, Ian Renner of New York got a lot of hands-on experience in filmmaking, and he recalls that as an invaluable time in his development. He also got his first taste of film theory, and of looking at film as something more than just entertainment. A deeper analysis of a film's content, he learned, gave him a much deeper appreciation of the craft, and a much deeper appreciation for a film's subtler elements like set design.

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