Navajo Code Talkers

The Navajo code talkers helped with the efforts of ww2 in many ways.  

The Navajo code

800 messages were cycle sent back and forth. luckily the Japanese  could not understand these code. this code was all based off the Navajos sacred language.    

Their role in the war

during the war the Navajo women had to tack the mans duties when the men were gone such as: manning look out stations,lumberjacks,farmers and welders. the women would also volunteered for the red cross and civil defense. marines welcomed Indian's due to their warrior  reputation.    

Navajo's in ww2

44,000 Navajo's were sent to ww2. Most came from a Navajo high school some were drafted in to the war. It was hard for Navajo's to be on the battlefield because of their religion. Their religion had certain rules for the died and for them to see the died.  

navajo code talkers sitting down after the battle of iwo jame


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