Building a Portfolio in Tinkercad

For when you just can't stop making things.

A collection of 3D printed objects with LED lights in them.

As we come to the close of the 3D Printing unit here at DHF, our students have a lot of freedom to explore Tinkercad and create their own unique designs. Tinkercad helpfully keeps track of all your designs as part of your profile, making it easy to create and share a collection of different pieces.

Using techniques of combining different shapes and breaking my designs into separate parts to be fit together after they have printed, I have been able to create a portfolio of designs that all work as a part of my style.

I draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese lantern designs, but your inspiration for your works can come from anywhere. Look for examples of real world objects and designs and try to recreate them in 3D!

Once you have an idea, you can experiment with different changes to it. 3D Printing even allows you to create wearable electronic art!

Once you build up a portfolio, you can share your projects on tinkercad. Check out my tinkercad profile below: