“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

Thomas Jefferson

I Believe

I believe in the benefit of hard work,

the work,

the love for the job,

the reward,

the things you enjoy,

Using an imagination, going in blind, learn as you go

But (something you don’t believe in, e.g. “but the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent,

overrated”) I don’t believe in I can’t.

I believe in being who you are,

I believe in trying your best,

I believe in Not giving up,

work your hardest, you will get through it, Learn how you want,

And I believe in working hard will benefit you at the end. (longest)

My Personal Credo

I think this quote is for me because I believe in hard work and luck. It actually does seem like I have better luck whenever I work hard.

My parents have always told me that if you work hard that you will be rewarded at the end. This hasn’t been true every time, but the majority of the time no matter what it was that I did, if I worked hard then I would get rewarded better somehow.

You will never get a job if you half do everything, and if you do get a job some how then you will probably not make it very long because you don’t put any work effort into it. It is important that you stick with these beliefs so that you can get a better job quicker, and keep that job longer so that you can get as many benefits and raises as possible.

You will always need to work harder to earn better skills and make more money. If you don’t have this than you won’t

If you don’t work hard then you won’t be able to have a job and won’t be able to provide for yourself. If you listened to this credo, you may be encouraged to work harder, and possibly get more luck.

By Samuel Ryan

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