Comunindade: Sí Tapas

My Experience:
I went with my classmate, Andrés, to a restaurant called Sí Tapas. The resteraunt itself had a lively atmosphere and had a Spanish feel to it. Unfortunately the food was sub-par. We both ordered grilled quail tapas which were not all that good. But it was still a good experience for us to learn what traditional Spanish food is like and how it is served.

What I learned:
I learned from this experience that Spanish food is traditionally served in many small portions of meat and/or vegetables. I also learned that it's good to try new things from different cultures, because you never know it you are missing out on a truly enjoyable experience.

How how I can use this:
I now have a new basis off which I can base Spanish food. If I ever go to another Spanish restaurant or travel to Spain I will have a general knowledge of not only what the good will be like, but partly what I can expect from being immersed in the Spanish culture.

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