Karjat (kondana caves) Trekk

Its that time of year again! What time, you say? Mansoon time! Which means it's time to re-do that Trekk again after 2011, 2012!

What this Event is?

Lets start this monsoon season in our style guys.

Its all about sleepy roads, old caves, waterfall, adventures and thrill

It's Saturday or Sunday !!!  which ?? not decided yet . The topic is open for discussion. Please give your thoughts

Get in, get here


Lets gather at Thane station Catch a train for Karjat


From karjat station to kondiwade village by private vehicle

And then from there our journey will begin towards the TOP.

A little history

For last 2 years, we so called Golden Gang { Rahul ,Krunal, Sarfaraj, Nilya Bhai, Yogyaaa, Ajinkya, Sarang , Power } is going here to Enjoy this beautiful man soon season.

And special thanks to our Nilya bhaiii for inventing this place.

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C'mon , what u say??  join us

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