Orange You Happy to C Me?

By Dylan And Jessica

Hi! I am C6 H8 O6, more commonly known as Asorbic Acid or Vitamin C. The C in me represents an atom of the element carbon. The H in me represents an atom of the element hydrogen. The O in me represents an atom of the element oxygen. The numbers in my chemical formula represents how many atoms of each type of element are in the compound.

An atom is made up of particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. C6 is a molecule made up of six carbon atoms. C6H8O6 is a compound made up of the molecules C6, H8, and O6. The periodic table list all the elements in the world, including the ones in me. It also list the atomic weight of each element witch is the same as telling how many electrons (particles) are in the element. An analogy of this is chocolate ice cream. The particles would be the ingredients. The element would be chocolate. The atom would be a scoop of the chocolate ice cream. Finally, the molecule would be your order, such as a triple scoop of chocolate.

I have a very big impact on the global community because I am a part of your nutrition.I help keep bodys and people save. I help connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin. Some different ways you can consume me is by eating oranges, limes, drinking their juices, or eating any citrus fruit and drinking any citrus fruit juice for that matter.

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