Your first reaction might be "what kind of gibberish is that?!" And some of you might actually know what this is.  Of course we all know what Facebook is and looks like, so think of Facebook but focused more on an educational point of view. Edmodo is a site where you can 'connect' with other teachers (FB translation: friend), you can link to other groups or create your own groups (on FB you can also create/follow groups), and you are able to follow certain 'communities' (in FB this would be like following a page).  So you might be asking why should I start an Edmodo account when I have Facebook?  Some differences that might interest you if you are an educator, would include the fact that you won't see the 'must-see' life posts from Stacy stating that 'she is sooo bored' or the pictures of amazing looking home cooked food that you could never in a thousand years recreate for your own enjoyment.  Instead you will see helpful information that is focused in your own teaching content, that you can actually use in the classroom! Who would of thought that was possible?! Did I also mention that you get spiffy badges, as well as create polls, assignments, quizzes, alerts, and it keeps up its own gradebook! All you have to do is add your students and let them have at it! You can also download or purchase apps that would help you in a variety of ways. This interactive, communication site has many positive attributes for anyone who is an educational role.  Try it out yourself!

Edmodo Link: https://www.edmodo.com/home#/group?id=8558667

(Group Code: y3bk8b)

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