2 Careers

Our 2 careers that were chosen

These pictures above are pictures of different types of eyebrow shapes and sizes. this is called Cosmetology. today we learned that Mrs. Edwards is an eyebrow specialist, Her job is to fix people's eyebrows, but that is not all that they do some eyebrow specialist can also be a cosmetologist. Meaning that she can also do hair, nails, and etc.

Eye stylists have an important job because they usually do eyebrows on a night out or for wedding etc.They have a good job and they get good money and the best thing about it is they get to choose their hours of working.

What most cosmetologist like about there job is that that they get to make there own hours so when they have a funeral for a family member then they don't have to go to work. The photographer can be there  for there loved one instead of working.

Photographers take pictures of places and people that stand out to them like none before and they are artistic because usually they take pictures or paint pictures but mostly they take pictures which they are good at taking pictures at the right time in their scenery and a lot of people like the images they take and they get good money for good pictures that they take and photographers are good at taking pictures and thats mostly what they do.

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