Things to remember when buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory to all. Also there are many insurance companies in the market readily offering you with their service. However, it is a decision that needs to be taken wisely. We bring to you some pointers one needs to take into consideration when buying auto insurance.


It may seem to be trivial aspect but still holds great weight. Probably the only factor that make one company different from the other. Every company is concerned about its standing in the market. The parameters to define it are many. For example, customer satisfaction, processing, their past history etc.


The immediate aspect of importance is the coverage your vehicle insurance provides you. There are two types of coverage- third party coverage and own damage coverage. As per the ‘Motor-Vehicle Act’ third party coverage is mandatory by law. However one can also apply for the other category along with third party coverage. Also it is recommended to do so.

Customer Service

Gone are the days when customers had to wait for long hours to receive the copy of their vehicle insurance policy. The insurance companies are paying special attention to customer service and satisfaction these days. The ‘agents’ too are provided with robust technological gadgets to conduct over the counter dealings in terms with their policy dealings with customers.

Distribution and Access

There are circumstances when the insured isn’t aware whom to reach out to in necessary situations. Also it isn’t always necessary that the person will be helped to resolve his or her issue after connecting to the necessary personnel. Therefore, smooth access and a good distribution set-up are the need of the hour in the insurance company offering motor insurance.


The premium charged by the motor vehicle company should be one of the most important factors. However, cheap premium shouldn't be the sole reason to take up a policy. The amount of premium to shell out is defined on the basis of the quality of the car, geography and the possibility of the car to meet up with an accident.

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