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a.k.a. why you should hire me as your intern

A little about me...

Hi there! I think I would be a good fit at Tackk because I love social media. Even though Twitter is my favorite, I know how to use most mainstream social media websites. I'm always on my iPhone refreshing my feeds to get the latest news and talk to my friends. I've been on Twitter for years and had more than five accounts. Even though I don't post as often as I used to, I still enjoy going on it several times a day. I've met so many great people through social media.

I also love finding new and different kinds of social media. Whenever I hear about a new social media, I always check it out. When I was working at Nelligan Sports Marketing, I stumbled upon Storify and hoped to use this with CSU basketball. Unfortunately, they passed on this cool opportunity for a different social media because they didn't have the same passion I do.

I also find it awesome that this social media is being started in Cleveland! I'm from New York and go to school in Cleveland so I know the bad rap the city gets. How cool would it be for Cleveland to be known as the city that created an awesome social media--besides the one that can't win a championship (go Tribe!).

This is more than a few sentences (so I hope you still read it!) but I'd love to intern with you guys... even though I'm not very good at ping pong.

(P.S. If you happen to stumble across this... this isn't done yet! I was going to post a picture of myself but I just got my wisdom teeth out so I'm not picture-ready yet.)

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