Yamato Clan

             The Yamato people, like many people around them at the time, operated as a clan. They soon expanded and took control of most of Japan. Their government and society was religiously based. That worked when they were a smaller clan, but once they controlled more area, they needed a better government system. They sent many people to China to learn more about government and philosophy. They also brought back ideas in math and Taoism. They also established a capital in Asuka.

Heian Period

            The Heian period was founded when Emperor Kammu moved the capital to Kroto, also known as Heian-Kyo. It is important for many reasons. It was the height of Chinese influence in Japan. It was also the peak of the Japanese imperial court.The Heian Period lasted from 794 to 1185. In this time they produced many great art works as well as literature. It was technically a monarchy, but it was operated as more of an aristocracy because the Fujiwara family had many ties in the government. The samurai class was also founded in the Heian period.

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