The Mystery Of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was the first solo woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She was born in 1897 July 24th in Kansas. Amelia Earhart was 19 when she attended Ogontz School in Philadelphia. She decided she didn't want to attend school and left school and did a course on Red cross and after she finished she was a nurse during WW1. Years later she she went to Columbia University in New York . She then listened to her parents and moved to California where she had learned how to fly. In 1992 she purchased her first plane with the help of her mothers and sisters funds .  She  flew over the pacific Ocean when her plane had suddenly disappeared in 1937 no one knows what happen to hear some say she was kidnapped by Japanese and other says she landed on a Island and died there. The U.s payed 4 million to help search and look for her around the ocean.

No one still knows what exactly happen to her but there are many beliefs of what happen.When she vanished she wasn't just by herself she was with her co-pilot Frederick Noonan . Amelia Earhart was planning on going to a small island called Howland Island.Some say she was the big reason of the cause of the war between U.S and Japan .She could of been held hostage by Japan after crashing on a island. Some more mysteries of Earhart that people think that's true is that she returned back to the U.S and changed her name and identity. Some also say that the reason her plane went down was because she flew threw the Bermuda Triangle, people call this the devils triangle. Its a area from Florida to Puerto Rico and Bermuda it forms a triangle and it is an  area where ships and planes disappear and know one ever knows what happens to them. Recent searches in 2012 say that her wing was found under water beside an island called Nikumaroro Island.They wanna keep searching but that say its gonna be difficult to because the wing  is all crumbled up on the sea floor where tons of other things are located.

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