The Amazing Race: Florence

Day #1, Liberty MO

The first day of actually getting to Florence should be pretty uneventful and cost-effective. I would wake up and eat at my house, have my Mom drive to the airport at 4:00 PM and eat a little something there. I would probably get a Starbucks before the flight because we all know that I love Starbucks. After I finish that, I would get my bags checked and get on the plane. I would spend that night on the plane.

Day #2, Florence Italy

On the plane somewhere around 8:30 AM (really whatever time they served us breakfast.) I would have breakfast and lunch on the plane and then once we landed in Munich at 1:55 PM we would do customs and Munich. At 3:10 we're supposed to land in Florence, and after I had gotten my bags I would call a taxi. I would get a cab ride from Red Top Cabs and it would cost me about $27. After I had taken a cab from the airport to the Hotel Ottaviani I would check in to stay for four nights because it was Travelocity's daily deal at the time, it only cost $29 per night and I'd be staying for four nights, so the total amount spent on the hotel would be $116. For dinner that night I would walk to the Salumeria Verdi which would cost me seven dollars for dinner. I would take a cab back from Salumeria Verdi  to the hotel afterwards because it would be my first night in Florence and I'm not sure I'd be that comfortable with the city yet to walk around and then once back at my hotel, I would go to bed.

Day #3, Florence Italy

For my first full day in Florence, I would wake up at approximately 8 AM and then have a free breakfast at my hotel. At 9 o'clock I would walk to the Piazza Del Duomo, a beautiful Cathedral right in the heart of Florence. It's a free entrance so I could spend a few hours there until lunch when I could walk to the All'Antioch Vinaio to have lunch that would cost me five dollars. At 12:30 I would walk to the Uffizi Gallery, a beautiful art museum. The entrance is $23. I will spend a couple hours there until I would go back to the hotel at the end of the day. For dinner I would walk to Pane e Toscana and I would have a dinner wonderful homemade sandwich, and after finishing I would walk back to my hotel and go to bed.

Day #4, Florence Italy

The next day I would wake up have breakfast at my hotel and then walk to the Ponte Vecchio which was a beautiful arching bridge that now occupies vendors from all around. I would take probably around $50 to the Ponte Vecchio to spend on souvenirs. At 12 PM, I would have lunch at the Amici Di Ponte Vecchio Da Stefano and bring six dollars to have lunch there. At one I would go to the Boboli Gardens and walk around there for a few hours until three when I would go back to the hotel at six that I would go have dinner at the Il Buffalo Trippone on and spend eight dollars if there on food and then at 6:30 I'd walk home and go to bed when I was ready.

Day #5, Florence Italy

Now this is the day were things get fun (spoiler alert: this day has in it) I would start the day by waking up and having breakfast at my hotel, yada, yada, yada, and then I would go to the Basilica Di Santa Croche and take a trip to cost $23. The Basilica is a beautiful temple for worship that is filled with amazing art from hundreds of years ago. I would spend until noon they're into lot and then I would go to the PassaGuai and spend five dollars right there on lunch and after that I would walk to Marco Ottaviano Il Gelato Gourmet and spend five dollars on gelato. It all looks so good I want to try it all! At 12:45 I'll walk to the Santa Maria Novella, A beautiful church with with hundreds of portraits and painting the inside of it. I would take my time there and then when I was done I would walk back to my hotel for dinner I would go to La Prosciutteria and have dinner there. When I was done there I would then go home and go to bed. Sadly this would be my last night in Florence

Day #6, Florence Italy

The next morning I would get out of bed it and had breakfast at my hotel one last time. At 9:30 I'll check out of my hotel and get a cab ride to the to the airport and then 11:30 I would fly home until the next morning where the plane will land at 3 in the morning and I would go home by 5 AM.

Total for the trip: $1,868.95

So, who wants to go to Florence with me?

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lbog8289 (+5) a year ago

I want to bring my family and a friend. I wish I could go.

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I want to go to Florence now!!!!

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I love this tackk

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Awesome Takk, Jenna!

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