Veterinarians report to there boss.

Job Purpose

Veterinarians care for the health of animals and work to improve public health. They diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals.


Veterinarians have a wide variety of career opportunities and deal with all types of animals. Job duties range from cleaning teeth and inspecting hooves to major surgery and animal euthanasia.


You are looking at 4 years of undergraduate education, followed by a 4-year program at an accredited veterinary college, from which you must leave with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. (They have to give it to you; you can't just take it.) You will also need to become licensed before you can start cutting animals open—for this skill, you will need to pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam.Veterinary technicians are required to use a variety of technical machinery on a daily basis, which can include taking and developing X-rays, cleaning equipment and entering data into computers using spreadsheet programs2. An ability to quickly learn these things is a must.