Important Milestones by the End of One Year

By Mona Gandhi

In social and emotional levels of a baby, a baby can express him/herself in many ways. For example, a baby can extend his/her arms or legs to help the parent dress the baby.

A baby explores objects in many different ways (shaking, banging, throwing, and dropping).

Babies begin to say "dada" and "mama" during their first year of life.

For movement, a baby will naturally crawl forward on his/her belly.

Babies gradually increase with hand and finger movement. They first start out with the pincer grasp and then they will begin to use their whole hand to grab things.

Important Milestones by the End of Two Months

At the end of two years, your child will begin to enjoy having company of other children.

At the age of two, your child will begin to get fussy to get what they want.

At two years old, your child will begin to sort shapes and colors.

At this milestone, a baby will begin to point out objects or pictures when it's named for him.

As time goes by, your child will eventually begin to walk alone.

Drawing and expression is a big deal when it comes to babies, but it is also helping with their hand and finger skills.

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