Tools of the Trade

By: Alexandra Chiari


Edmodo is a website that allows students to submit their assignments and communicate with their teachers online. Also, the teachers upload assignments for their students to complete in on time. Edmodo comes with a backpack that lets you save your files and create folders, etc.  


Remind is a tool that allows teachers to send text messages to students and parents about the students homework and assignments that will be due soon. The topic depends on what needs to tell students about. is an online tool that allows you to create InfoGraphics. InfoGraphics are visual presentations of data. The benefit about is that it gives students a way to create visual to help explain their information.


Tackk is a free website that you can use to create webpages in quick ways. In Tackk you can create a page to create an important event, to show off your best digital presentations, or to advertise an event. It's great for students for school because it gives them an opportunity to showcase their work.

The IB Design Cycle

Inquiring and analyzing: Inquiring and analyzing means to justify and explain the need for a solution. It can help you in your everyday life by figuring out a problem that you have and helping you solve what needs fixing.

Developing ideas: Developing ideas means you must create a design specification, in other words you could ask yourself what the requirements for the solution must be to become successful. This step benefits can benefit you by developing a range of ideas that are realistic enough for other to understand.

Creating the solution: Creating a solution has five steps you must follow. constructing a plan, demonstrating excellent technical skills, following a plan, justifying any changes added to the plan and presenting the solution. It can help you in your everyday life by being a great organizer and getting things done on the right time.

Evaluating: Evaluating is the final step of the design cycle and it has four steps you are required to follow. those steps are: Designing relevant testing methods which generates data and measure success of a solution, evaluating success of solution against design specifications, explain how it could be improved, and lastly explain the impact of the solution on the audience or client.

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