Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes started by doing vine videos of him singing.

Then they toldhim if he wanted to be in a group called Magcon, and he did

Magcon turned to be really popular and everybody loved Shawn and his beautiful voice. Then a manager heard himsing and decided to ask him if he wanted to record music and Shawn said yes so he said goodbye to Magcon and hello to his new disc!

Before shawn left Magcon had alredy been having problems so the group fell apart but every body now is doing something with their lifes. Nash, Hayes ,Cam and Carter ,are doing tthis new gropup called FamTour, Jacob is now recordig hissongs and selling them on itunes, jack and jack now have their own concert and tour, matt is now really famous and Mahogany too both of them are in other groups now so as Taylor, but they are all still good friends.

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