What About Me?
           By ~ Gerard Larson

My first pet was a cat named Daisy. We got her when she was about 2 months old at a Michael's store. We bought her from this guy who was selling his cat's babies. After a few minutes that felt like forever of trying to think of an original name for her, my mom just thought out of nowhere, the name, "Daisy". We had her ever since I was in preschool, but she recently passed away.

I will always consider Virginia as my true home. Allthough I was not born there, I spent most of my life, close to10 years there. I attended preschool, kindergarten, and half of Elementary school while I was living in Virginia, and still remember exactly what it all looked like years later.

                  Born January 30th, 2001 in Bethesda, Maryland.

I have always wanted to travel to Australia, but more specifically, Melbourne, Australia. I've seen tons of pictures taken of it and every time I see one, it makes me want to travel there even more.

On Christmas Day, 2013, I went over to my grandparents house and they gave my brother and I presents when we arrived. My brother got a really nice, expensive pair of shoes from them, and I got a Build Your Own Engine Kit. My brother laughed pretty hard but silent behind my grandparents, and I gave them a "Thank you", trying to sound as convincing as possible.

The song I always listen to on repeat is called Gold by Gabriel Rios (Thomas Jack Remix) It is a chill song that puts me in a good mood that I listen to whenever I'm doing homework or just want to listen to some music.


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