by: Jazlyn Summers


There are very many sports in the world. One of them is different from the rest. Basketball is the third most popular sport in the America, next to football and baseball. Basketball gives you great health benefits, but you need to learn the rules and how to play. Then you may also want to learn the history.

How To Play

Basketball is very easy, if you know how to play it. There are three main positions: Guard, Wing, and Post. The Guard is the person who brings the ball down the court and is the leader of the team. The Wings are usually the shorter and quicker players on the team. The Posts are the tall people that can jump and get rebounds. When you have the ball you can run plays. Plays are what you do to get the ball to the basket or trick the defense so you get an open shot. When you are shooting you can shoot 3 types of shots: free-throw, regular and a three-pointer. You shoot a free-throw when you are fouled in the act of shooting. Each shot is worth one point. A regular shot is worth two points. You shoot a regular shot anywhere inside the three point line. A three-pointer is when you shoot outside of the three point line. When you play defense you can play man-to-man, full court, or zone defense. Man-to-man is where you guard one specific player. You can play it on the whole court or half court. Press defense is when you are on the whole court and you have a designated position to stay in and guard. Zone defense is where you play around the basket and guard around your area.


You can’t play basketball without knowing the rules. The rules will help you be safe and have a good time. Here are the basic rules.

  1. You can’t grab people's wrists.
  2. You can only get five fouls until you have to sit out.
  3. If people grab or slap your wrist while you are shooting you get to shoot free throws.
  4. You can’t pick up the ball after you dribble then dribble again.
  5. If you knock the ball out of bounds the other team gets the ball.
  6. If the other team knocks the ball out of your hands into the out of bounds then you still get the ball because they touched it last.
  7. You can’t be rude to the referees or the other team.

If you don’t follow the rules you could get fouled out or be kicked out.

Health Benefits

Not only is basketball awesome but it has health benefits too! Basketball can be great for helping with your balance and coordination. It can make you be very focused and have self-discipline. When you run you build up muscle in your legs and you burn calories. You can usually burn up to 630 calories per game. When you play basketball you run a lot and you can learn to catch your breath quicker so you can play more.You learn a lot about teamwork and friendship too because you have to work as a team. If you fall a lot in a game when you are running you need to improve your balance! If you are spacing out you need to work on your concentration because you can’t really play if you don’t know what you are doing.


Basketball was invented in 1891. James Naismith (the inventor) invented it at the YMCA in Massachusetts. The first professional basketball game was played in 1902. Basketball originally had 13 rules the James Naismith wrote but they have been changed over the years. The NBA was founded in 1946. The African-American Harlem globetrotters toured successfully in 1940. The Harlem globetrotters are people that make cool trick shots in basketball. Basketball was originally used with peach basket. When James Naismith was experimenting with the game they used a soccer ball. They also used a Spalding Ball but now its a basketball. It became an Olympic sport in 1936.


Overall basketball is very unique. It has simple rules, learning how to play is easy and it has spectacular health benefits. The history is very interesting too! Basketball is so easy to play in your driveway with some friends, you could join a team or a league!


Rebound: When the ball doesn't go in the basket and someone gets it.

Benefits: An advantage gained from something.

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