Living in Rome

Study Abroad Winter 2014

Day 1: Traveling and Arrival

My first attempt to leave for Rome was a failure. My original flight out of Seattle to DC was delayed and therefore I was going to miss my connecting flight. After a couple of hours at the United counter, I was booked to fly out the next morning January 6th. After saying goodbye one last time, I boarded my plane to Newark, NJ early Monday morning. In Newark, I ate an Auntie Anne's pretzel (my last bit of American food, if you want to call it that) and then boarded my plane to Munich, Germany. With over an 8 hour flight, I kept busy by watching a couple movies and then slept for a few hours. Once I arrived in Germany, I quickly went through customs and caught my next flight to my final destination, Rome. Once I got to Rome, I grabbed my bags and caught a taxi. In the half hour ride into the city, my driver gave me a tour of the city and showed me a ton of historical buildings, which I'll have to check out in more detail before the end of my trip. I was dropped off at the Rome Center where I picked up the keys to my apartment and started the long walk to my new place. Although 15 minutes doesn't sound too far, after over 20 hours of traveling with a huge suitcase, duffle bag, and backpack to lug around, I was ready to call another cab. Thankfully while I was wondering through the city, I saw my program director! He directed me to my apartment and helped me with my luggage. Once I arrived, my new roommate Greta had already settled in. I quickly hopped in the shower and by the time I was out, we already had visitors (4 boys from out program). Quickly I got ready and we all went out for our first meal in Rome. We decided on a little restaurant a couple blocks down from out apartment. I decided to get spaghetti with red sauce (since Alfredo sauce isn't a thing in Italy, who knew?) and we all shared couple bottles of wine. It was delicious! Next we decided to walk to the Rome Center, where our classes will be held for the next 3 months. After getting lost for a bit, we finally found it and after taking a look around, we decided to head back to our apartments. Once we got back at around 4:30 pm, I decided to lay down for a nap (which ended up being the end of my day). My first day in Rome was amazing and I can't wait to see everything this city has to offer!

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