Duke Energy Viloations

Coal Ash Spills

Concerns of the Public

Thinking we are safe by filtering our river water isn't the same as others intoxicating our water sources. Living here close to the Dan River it stuns me to know that the DENR didn't catch Duke during the illegal spills. The Dan River was polluted by Duke Energy, they pumped 61 million gallons of contaminated water into the Cape Fear River making it the 8th time it has been cited doing environmental violations.


Duke should be liable to clean up their pollution, not only should they be obligated to clean up but fined as well for knowing it was occurring and not doing anything about it. They should of thought of all the results of their actions because it will also affect their Environmental protection record Duke Energy  will be known for not having a lot of social responsibilities. They didn't protect nature nor the customer with the spills.  

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