Olivia Dorothy

1. The population in Lebanon increased by 9.37% in just 2014 alone.The current population for Lebanon is 4.467 million people.

2. Lebanon has had to make many changes in building more hospitals, schools, and even giving out jobs. There is lots of poverty and overcrowding within Lebanon. The main problem Lebanon is facing is that there are lots of health issues due to the growth of the population and no medical help to keep the diseases from spreading.

3. UNHCR is focusing on taking care of the refugees in Lebanon.They are helping with the overall coordination of the Syrian refugee crisis,  registration, resettlement, provision of cash grants, shelter and access to health and education. Education over the problems that overpopulation could cause (such as food shortages) would maybe make people more worried about overpopulation.

4. The refugees from Lebanon will try to reach the US increasing our population and giving us the problem of poverty and overcrowding. If people start coming to the US we could face public health and development problems. The demand for houses and work buildings will be more than ever but those building can not be done without destroying the environment. The environment contains resources that we will need in the future.

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