"The power that people have when they work together"

Daniel Banuelos

I Believe

I believe in the power that people have when they work together.

the goals that they can reach, even when they thought they couldn’t.

the great new friendship that they can make.

the understanding of more than just one point of view.

But even the smartest person can learn more from others.

I believe in the motivation to learn new things,

I believe in the idea that knowing is endless,

I believe in helping others, even when they are afraid to work with others themselves, show them that it is ok to work together

And I believe in the idea that if everyone worked together it would blow your mind, the things that they can learn, the people they could meet, and the way that the world could look at it and feel about it.


My credo is about the power that people have when they work together. I really believe in the idea of people work with other people. They can learn so much from others, things that they couldn’t learn by themselves.

I adopted this belief when i started watching people on the news in other countries suffering from hunger, and diseases. On t.v i watched a group of people that had the same idea. They wanted to help these less fortunate people in this foreign country. So they went and helped them get food, shelter, and jeu really changed those people’s lives.

These beliefs are important to me because, these people helped save the lives of thousands of other people. And all it took was for them to work together and they made a huge change. If other people believed in the same beliefs as them the world would be a much happier and easier place.

I think that this belief will progress as i get older, but unfortunately i don’t think that everyone will think that it is the right way. I do see it touching the hearts of many, and driving them to believe in working together. It could even change World Peace if everyone thought that way. The way that this belief could change my life,and my future is that it can make me a better person.

My credo is significant to me because it can be so powerful. I would challenge others to give this belief a chance. They could turn out to like it, and it could help the lives of others. It could even make them feel like a better person, and that is amazing.

By: Daniel Banuelos

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