Discovery of Adventures Magazine

By: Mayara Massa

1st picture- Egyptianization of Kush

The first picture shows 'The Egyptianization" of Egypt" and a great cause that the Kushites made to happen on the years of 1600-1100 B.C.E was that after the Kushites spitted away from Egypt and, as matter of fact in this case the effect, they finally returned to their African roots, artwork, clothing, and buildings no longer imitated Egyptian Styles. And with that all Kushites came up with their own Style and architecture.Kush turned out to be a central location of a trading center because of its great location settles next to the Nile R. And the Kushites started giving the king presents and mostly, gold.they build magnificent new temples and pyramids in both, Egypt and Kush, also they stated to buy slaves.

2nd picture- Kush conquers Egypt

The second picture shows when Kush finally conquers Egypt. At least 10 Egyptian kingdoms fought each other for power. The constant fighting made egypt weak and unstable. As another great cause on the times of the 700s B.C.E and at that time there was happening a war and a big cause that Kush made out of was that after defeating Rome it signed a peace treaty with Rome and with that, Kush had the benefit to survive more for nearly 400 more years.

3rd picture- The Kush Capital of Meroe

On the second picture is shown Kushites making iron weapons on the time of 590-410 B.C.E. Meroe was a large and also a very wealthy city, it became the center of a Kushite centered civilization that lasted for many years. They started on making spearheads with iron to win from the Assyrians in the fight, and they started creating other battle army's to defend themselves. So at that time period a great accomplishment was the iron making weapons. This was a great achievement that really helped them.

Picture 4 Kush returnes to its african roots

in the third picture is shown Kushites and Egyptians the Kushites had darker skin. kin that time Kush art architecture flourished and they rote and spoke a new narrative language. For them this was a huge progress for their society because then, they finally didn't had anymore Egypts costumes, they had their own. also with their own rules, women on Kush would go to battle and there was queen amerensis that she even lost her eye in a battle. Then from this point on Kush finally returned to his accent african roots an their traditions.

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