Secret Service Project

By: Vintrel Y.

The secret service project  was a very fun activity. It was fun to me because I helped people without them knowing it. When I told people it was me helping them,they were shocked and said "no way you couldn't have done this". I'd finally convince them it was me.

The secret service project is doing something without the person knowing you are doing it is a 7 day activity that you can have fun doing. Those 7 days  are fun because you are helping others without them knowing. I mowed the grass without my mom telling me to which made her happy. No,one got angry about it because it helped them out.

It impacted others because it made it easier on them. They didn't have to ask you to do it,you just did it. Many people became happier with their life. I made my teacher happy when I left the note on her desk. People started giving their children more time outside.

This project impacted me a lot. I started helping out around the house more. I started doing more chores. My mom didn't even know that I was cleaning up in the house. When I came from school I would clean so I could go outside to play basketball with my friends.

I think we should help others in secret everyday. Parents will gain a lot of respect for children if they help out. Even children will see that it is working.We will start helping out without being asked to help. The parents will not have to do all the work anymore.

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