The Black Death

And How it Affected the Church

The Black Death was a devastating plague that rampaged across Europe and affected countless lives, including those in the Roman Catholic Church. Because of the Plague, people began to lose their faith in God and the Church. People thought that the Bubonic Plague was punishment for their sins, so they prayed to God for forgiveness. God appeared to be ignoring them, as the Plague continued. As the years went on, people began questioning the Church. Many turned away from Christianity to explore their own personal religions. Even some of the clergy doubted their fate and left. When the Black Death came, the church's wealth diminished considerably, so they needed to make money. To do so they resorted to some unorthodox methods, all of which caused people to abandon their loyalty to the church that much sooner. e church previously said that offices in the church had to be earned, and they began selling multiple offices to anyone who would pay. The clergy also charged fees to attend church services. Since so many people were dying, people were scared of being eternally damned, so the Church sold little charms that were supposed to reduce the time spent in Hell. The Bubonic Plague affected the Church greatly. Many people lost faith, and their unscrupulous ways of earning money contributed to that even more.

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