Jarrett's number one1 hobby

Sports are something that I cannot live without. I usually play basketball or football every day. I follow, watch, and enjoy most sports (except golf and tennis). Team sports that I have played: football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. . My favorite sport is basketball.

Why am I so interested in sports?

There are a lot people who wonder why athletes(like me) care so much about a stupid ball. One of the reasons that reason why I am addicted to sports, is that feelings don't really matter(unless against younger people.) Nobody cares how your day is going, all they want to do is put in all of their effort to win the game. Sports make it easier to through away anything that may have caused worry; they are a stress realiver.

My favorite teams and sports

List of my favorite athletes and their sports.

Video of one of the greatest catches of all time by one of my favorite players.

Even though I almost cried that the Giants lost again, A young star, Odell Beckham Jr., began his road to stardom.

A video from my favorite basketball team the Chicago Bulls.

How often and where do I practice?

I am always practicing and trying to get better at any sport that I play. I go to gyms, in my backyard ,and at school. I watch videos and copy moves that I see professional and collegiate athletes do. I try to practice during any free time that I have.

This is a gym that I visit every weekend to work on my game. Every sense I was five, my dad has been taking me to gyms to play basketball or football. We still go to gyms and probably will for a very long time.

My last game EVER playing at the Y.

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