Sachsenhausen Concentration camp

-Sachsenhausen concentration camp was built in the summer of 1936 built from the prisoners at ems-land camp

-The first concentration camps in Germany were established soon after the Nazis came to power.

- German authorities established camps all over Germany

- In September 1939.thousands of communists,Social democrats and former trade union leaders were arrested in Germany 5,000 of them were sent to Sachsenhausen as well as 900 Jews.                                                                                 


Sachausen camp prisoners.

Edward Alder

         Edward Alder shares his personal story so people can hear the pain he felt and how horrible the situation was. Edward Alder was born to a Jewish family in 1935 in hamburg Germany.Edward was arrested for dating a non Jewish Women.

         He was later deported to the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp near Berlin.He was forced to perform hard labor in concentration projects.Edward was released from custody in 1938 and left Germany.


Unforgettable story

        Edward can never forget when an old gentlemen with the name of Solomon.Was in his well seventies he could not run he had to walk.He collapse and laid in the road.Then a tall young skinny fellow.Stepped on his throat til he was dead. He picked his body up and threw it to the side of the road.We continued into the camp and a strange incident happened we faced a Barrack door,a door on the right,a door on the left .People went in the left door,came out the right door,entirely different people.Their hair was shaven off ,they had a prisoners uniform on,a very wide,stripped uniform,my number was 6199.            (Interview: 1992)                            source:

Bernard Liebster portrait when before he was sent to camp

Bernard Liebster

       Bernard  was born in 182 in a very religious Jewish family located in in the polish town of Oswiecim immigrated as a young man to  Frankfurt,Germany. There he married Bertha Oppenheimer from the town Reichenbach. They moved to Reichenbach were there were 13 Jewish families.Together they raised 3 children.

        (1933-1939) He worked as a shoemaker in the corner of his living room specializing in orthopedic shoes. When Germany went to war in September 1939 , Berrnard's son,Max was arrested while on an outgoing in Baden.

          (1940)- The Gespeto arrested Bernard in the winter on 1940 during campaign to "cleanse" Reichenbach of its Jewish inhabits. Bernard was sent to sachsenhasen concentration camps near Berlin in Northern Germany .By chance ,his son Max.was sent there as a prisoner a few weeks later. Max found Bernard in the baracks lying beside a pile of straw.With swollen infected legs.and fluid in his lungs .Bernard was close to death. But died in Sachsenhausen in March 1940 he was 58 years old.



-On April 20th and 21th 1945,because of the soviet army 33,000 prisoners were forced to leave sachausen camp on a death march,they were divided in groups of 400,The SS intended to embark them on ships then sink them.Thousands of prisoners were killed by shooting because they were too weak to walk.


survivor after the death march.

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