The Ice Planet
Kaleb Roberson, Alajah Anderson,Bradley Mcguffee Tykia Trigg

My group orange table diside  the resorst of the planet Neptune is a ice  planet so we called it the ice planet.For our business we choose the ice planet because Neptune is big,blue and very icy.It's filled with lots of  things  you would  do on a cold  winter  day! We sell ice cream, snocones and hockey sets.You should come to my store  because we have tons of cool things.Boom!Have you heard the news that ice planet is the awesome skating ring.People who live in Mercury come get your kids a hockey set just for $30.00.You could get them ice skates/shoes their faster than a cheetah their only $20.00 per child.Have you heard about ice planet!Its the best place to go on a cold winter day.Your able to ice skate,play with snow and play ice hockey.So come on down and start shopping.Thank you for coming to the ice planet.