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Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. When you are interior designing, you are basically are designing a room or area in a building to personalize or decorate. You are making interior spaces functional, safe and beautiful by space requirements.You also choose decorative objects such as colors, lighting and materials.

Interior designing is a profession. The average pay is $47,600 per year or $22.89 per hour. Usually you must have a Bachelor's degree in interior architecture or a focus interior design to be an interior designer. Qualities that you must have to be an interior designer are artistic ability, creativity, detail oriented, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and visualization. Many interior designers work for places like specialized design services industry or for architectural, engineering and other related industries. the job outlook is  13% (average).

If you are planning to become an interior designer,you might want to attend one of the top art/interior designing programs. These top programs are at: #1 Pratt Instate, #2 California College Of Arts, #3 Ohio State University, finally #4 School of the Art Institute Of Chicago. If you are traveling the world, the top college in the world for interior design is Florence Design Academy.

Not that interested in interior design??? Well some other jobs like it are available. One is architecture. Architects build and plan structure like homes and offices. Or even a landscape architect. Land scape architects design place like parks, campuses and open spaces. Another is an Art director. Art directors are responsible for visuals in newspapers, magazines, movies and television products. You could also be a fashion designer. In this profession, you design and create new and original clothing. You would sketch designs, select all of the fabrics and patterns and make the product to sell. Are you interested in floral designing? Floral designing is when you range flowers in a design like display and help costumers select different flowers. Maybe you have heard of a graphic designer. Graphic designers come up with the layout for a product, brochure or magazine usually using computer software.

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