Out there in the world there are kids abandoned and left alone, but wonderful people bring them as their own. If we do not have good people we would have more evil things in this world. In my words I feel the world needs good people to see the beautiful side of everything.  

   For example, I think it is so beautiful when people adopt and care for them as their own. Some children probably pray to get a family that loves them and won't leave them. When families adopt kids it doesn't just make the child happy it makes the brand new parenits happy as well. When the children are finally told they are being adopted their heart is probably filled with happiness and they have so many different emotions. Doing this is a sign of warm hearted and caring people that we need more of in our world.

   In my opinion, I feel without these good people adopting children we would have a lot of sad lonely kids around the world. In our world there are hundreds of kids in foster homes waiting to live in a real home. Imagine if all of the children that have been adopted  never got adopted. There would be thousands of kids in foster homes, some may become ill and the workers might not have enough medicine so that can lead to more deaths. Also, some kids may become depress because no one has came to adopt them.

   However, people might also think if we have to much good people we might not get a lot done. With having a lot of good people and nothing going wrong we won't be able to learn from our mistakes. We are going to need a few bad people so we can know what we need to do better. Also, we will not be able to grow. The reason I say this is because if we think everything is right how can we grow as a country without knowing the bad?

   I still believe this world needs good people. By adopting kids and also by giving them a second chance to live a good happy life. In addition though, I think society should have each foster home or adopting center let the children have a "fun" day so they can have a few nice and happy things to remember.


Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

  I t would be my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Camille Garcia. I have known Camille since the fifth grade and have learned a few things from her along the way. One for example, is when it is time to work Camille makes sure it gets done and gives her 110% effort in all of her work.

  Camille Garcia wants to achieve her goal in becoming an Obstetrician. She is already taking Pre-AP biology and Pre-AP algebra to help her prepare for her college years. Camille is also making sure she has 90's and above in all of her classes. She has great communication skills, she always know what to say and how to say it. Another great skill of Camille's is that she is a people person. She is very friendly and talks to anyone and everyone surrounding her.

  Camille is always very focus. When she sets her mind to something she will not stop until it gets finished. She has inspired me in so many different ways. Camille Garcia is a hard working student and will do wonders for your company. With all of this being said, if you have any more questions about Camille Garcia please do not hesitate to reach me at (915)737-4227

                         Thank you, Sincerely

                                    Anahi Lagarda

Letter of Intent


                                                            527 White Sky

                                                         El Paso, TX 79938

May 18,2015

Miguel Trevizo

English Educator

14400 Pebble Hills

El Paso,TX 79938

Dear Mr.Miguel Trevizo,

I am a hard working student. I am always on task and very responsible. Also, I have the qualities of being a leader and making sure what needs to get done gets done. I make sure to give 110% in everything I do.

  The main thing I want to do is make sure my school a better place for everyone. I want this done because school should be a good place for each of every one of us. Also, that we all succeed in everything we do.

  I hope this can get done within my four years of high school. When this gets done I hope that it gets better every year.


Anahi Lagarda


Anahi Lagarda


527 White Sky

My goal is to become a pediatrician and go to an university that offers a great medical field.

Education : Elementary school: Lancaster(3 years), Chester Jordan(1 year), and Iturate (2 years)

                     Middle school: Rafael Hernando middle school(3 years)

                    High school: El dorado 9th grade academy/ Pebble hills (2014-present)

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