Luis Caraballo's Personal Values
I Value my family

I value my family because my immediate family are the ones I can truly trust. I know my parents and my brother and sister will always be there fore me no matter what. I also have a niece and 2 nephews. I hold them very close to my heart and Id do anything for them. when they grow up I want them to feel and know they can always look up to and ask there uncle for anything.

My nephew love him only 3 days old #newborn #baby #nephew @_coldxworld_

I value sneakers

My mother is a "sneaker head"- someone who knows allot about wears sneaker such as Jordan's, LeBron's, KD's, Kobe's. etc. My mom has always bought me mostly Jordan since I was little so I was raised on Jordan brand sneakers. I collect Jordan and buy them any chance I get. right know I have about 20+ pairs of sneakers mostly Jordan but there are some LeBron's. I plan on this number to only increase.

I also value reading

    I have always been a bookworm. When I read I feel like actually in the books setting. When I read it really comes my mind. Also when I read I become completely oblivious to my surrounding I just get so lost in the book. Some of my favorite books/ series are the Percy Jackson & the Olympian series, The Heroes of Olympus series etc.  

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3 years ago

Luis, what you have here is wonderful, but you only listed 3 out of 5 values! Can I see a media example of your "reading" value as well?