The Mystery of the Missing Coke Recipe

By: Andrew F. and Micah J.


*Written by Andrew Fairburn

The coke recipe was stolen from the Coca Cola Factory in Atlanta, Georgia, and there are four suspects who could have committed the crime. The crime was committed between 8 and 9 o'clock P.M. The suspects are: Jaden Pemborten, Bobby McDuff, Kenyan Wilson, and Carlton E. Brown. Clues that were found at the crime scene include a size 11 footprint, a model C cane, and a shattered window. All suspects have interesting motives and alibis, and all seem to be telling the truth. Nobody saw the crime happen and nobody knows who stole the recipe. *Detectives in this story are going with whoever lied did the crime.

The Puzzling Question

Who stole the Coke recipe?

Meet the Detectives

*Written by Micah Johnson

The detectives trying to solve case are: Detective Sanders and Detective Barber. They are super intelligent and have solved many cases before like the case of the missing World Series ring or the case of the missing case. Our detectives say they were immature cases and were easy to solve. Detective Sanders is a medium-size, clever man and has been in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for several years. He is one of our best men on the crime scene. Detective Barber is a tall,skinny, caucasian man with long legs and blonde hair. He is new to crime solving and detective Sanders' partner.

Suspect #1-Kenyan Wilson

*Written by Micah Johnson

Description-Kenyan Wilson is African American with no criminal record. He has very poor grades and has been held back twice. He is a Freshman at Clark Atlanta University. Kenyan is a friend of Jaden Pemborten and has been for a long while. Kenyan is a follower to Jaden when it comes to decisions and thinks highly of his friend and believes almost everything that he says.

Alibi- "I was going bowling at Atlanta Lanes with my friend to have some fun. I was a little late because I had to do some work for my big college, Clark Atlanta University. We're doing a project called the LEEP project for Freshmen and Sophomores. I had just arrived at the bowling alley at 8:46 when I heard about the crime."

Motive- Kenyan has never been known to like Coke and has been heard talking about jeopardizing their industry. He was seen walking near the factory and looking at the walls as if inspecting them, but police don't have the evidence to say he's guilty.....yet.

Suspect #2- Jaden Pemborton

*Written by Andrew Fairburn

Description- He is African American, medium size, and always wears a jacket. His hair is as gold as honey. He has no criminal record. He has good grades, and he doesn't get in trouble a lot.

Alibi- "I was waiting for Kenyan to meet me at Metro Lanes bowling alley off of exit 3 on Metropolitan PKWY to bowl with me. He finally arrived at 8:42. A worker saw me waiting and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was waiting for my friend to get here."

Motive- His father passed the coke recipe on to his little brother instead of him. Everyone is suspecting Jaden because that made him mad.

Suspect #3-Bobby McDuff

*Written by Micah Johnson

Description- Bobby McDuff may be an old man, but he still has enough life in him to rob the Coke factory. He is being accused of robbing the factory because his cane was found on the crime scene. When questioned, he said his cane was stolen 2 days ago by someone. He says he had just been shopping at K-Mart and had laid his cane in the cereal aisle to pick up some Bran Flakes. He states that quick as a wink a mysterious figure ran by and scooped up his cane and ran off with it. He didn't see a face, but he said the strange man was wearing a brown jacket.

Motive- Bobby has always hated Coke and has just been let out of jail for robbing a Coke delivery truck with his friends. However, he stated while he was in court that he did not to do the crime and that he had just been driving by in his car and had stopped to help. He was proven guilty and was punished 20 years into jail. This shows us that he can't be trusted and lying is like a bee making honey, he does it naturally.

Alibi- "I was turning my house upside down looking for my hat. I was just looking under the sofa when I heard about the crime. The channel, I think, was channel 159 the Fox news channel. It came on at 6 o'clock A.M. Of course, I cannot prove it because I live alone, so you'll just have to trust me."

Suspect #4 Carlton E. Brown

*Written by Andrew Fairburn

Description- Carlton E. Brown is a teacher for Clark Atlanta University. He has a British accent and he tried to start his own soda business, but it got shut down because of Coke. He was as mad as fire when that happened. He is small and he has black hair. When he was a child he didn't get out much and he was known as the smartest kid in the state. He is thought to do the crime because he is smart enough to get into the Coke factory.

Motive- He tried to start a soda business but it got run into the ground because it didn't make enough money. That made him mad and he doesn't have a good attitude anymore.

Alibi-"I was busy grading all of the LEEP projects last night, a big project that we do for juniors and Seniors, at 10:00 that were due today when I heard about the missing Coke recipe. You can even ask my students about all of their grades that they received the next day."

Solution: Written in the perspective of Detective Sanders.

*Written By: Micah Johnson

I was drinking my everyday morning jo when I heard about the crime. I got a call from my partner, Detective Barber, and he told me to meet him at the Book store on 92nd Street. He said the crime was big and that I had to come in immediately. So, I finished my cup of jo and walked out the door to go meet my partner. While I was driving down, I saw something strange. A man was running down the street, his brown jacket covering his face. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I recall the moment as if it was sealed in my memory. When I arrived at the book store on 92nd Street I saw my partner looking in the recipe section. "So what happened last night?" I asked him.

"Somebody broke into the Coca a Cola factory." He replied while holding up a recipe book.

"Any witnesses?"

"Nope. Just a couple of clues."


"A cane, a shattered window, and a footprint."

"Wow, this shouldn't be so hard."

"Just you wait." Detective Barber said.

We got into the car and drove down to the crime scene. When we arrived it was all taped off with yellow caution tape. We walked passed and observed the crime scene. Sure enough there was a cane, some glass from the shattered window, and a size 11 shoe print. "Who are the suspects?"

" We narrowed it down to four people; Kenyan Wilson, Jaden Pemborton, Bobby McDuff, and Carlton E. Brown."

"Jaden Pemborton? Doesn't he own the factory?"

"No his little brother owns it, but he's the oldest child." Detective Barber said.

"Lets visit him first. I have a feeling he did it."

We arrived at his house at 10:56 that morning to interrogate him. He was still in his PJ's which showed me he had had a late night. "What do you guys want?" He said when he answered the door.

"We just want to ask you a few questions about last nights robbery at the Coca Cola Factory." My partner, Detective Barber, said.

"Ok, then."

"Where were you between the hours of 8-9?" I asked Jaden.

"I was bowling at Metro Lanes and Games waiting for my friend, Kenyan, to show up. He finally showed up at 8:42, but by that time the store was about to close."

"Whats the address of the Metro Lanes you went to?"

"You just take exit 3 off of Metropolitan PRWY." Jaden told us.

"Well, Jaden, Thank you for your cooperation. We'll be on our way now." I said as me and my partner got up to leave.

When we walked out the door Detective Barber asked me where we're going next. I told him we're going back to the crime scene to investigate the clues.

When we arrived at the factory it was crawling with police. We asked if we could investigate the clues and they gladly let us, noticing that we were FBI agents. The man we asked guided us to the clues which were all neatly arranged on a table. I pulled my equipment out and got started.

"What are you doing?" Detective Barber asked.

"I'm checking for finger prints. Once I have them I will begin analyzing them into the computer and see whose they are." I told him

"Makes sense."

thankfully that was all he said so I could now proceed without being distracted from my work. Once I got the finger prints of the Cane and the correct measurement of the shoe print, I took them to my computer and programmed them in. A name instantly popped up on to the screen. The fingerprints on the cane were Bobby McDuff's.

We got his address simply by searching his name and started driving to his house. Thankfully it wasn't that far away and we made it there in a short amount of time. After we pulled into his driveway we got out and knocked on his brown wooden door. I'm having a lot of strange encounters with brown, I thought. An old man with a hat on his head came to the doorway.

"What is it this time?" Bobby said.

He said this because he had recently been let out of jail for robbing a Coca Cola delivery truck.

"We just want to ask you some questions about the Crime committed at the Coca Cola Factory," My partner told the man. I then realized that I'm going to have to get used to that line.

"Alright, but fair warning, you are wasting your time." Bobby said.

Sure we are, I thought as we walked into his home.

He guided us to his kitchen where we sat down at the table.

"OK...... What's your questions?"

"Where were you....." Me and Detective Barber said in unison. I looked at him strangely because usually I'm the one asking the questions. I need to show him I'm still in charge, I thought to myself.

"Where you between the hours of 8 and 9 last night." I repeated.

"I was here in bed asleep when I realized I had lost my hat," he said as he pointed to his hat. "So I got up to search for it but by this time it was 5:00 in the morning. I had just thought to myself, 'man I just keep getting robbed' when the FOX news came on at 6 and started talking about the MISSING COKE RECIPE."

"What do you mean, 'You keep getting robbed'." I asked him.

"Well, when I was at the store I had laid down my cane to get some cereal when quick as a wink a man ran by and grabbed it. Now, I couldn't see his face, but he was wearing a brown jacket." something at the back of my head thrived, but I couldn't remember it.

"What type of Model was your cane?" Detective Barber asked Bobby.

"I believe it was a model C cane"

"Hmmmmmmm....... well, we got good news and bad news. The good news is that we know you didn't do it. The bad news is that we have to go and interrogate more people. But before we go we're going to have to measure your feet." I said.

"Um..... OK?" Bobby said, confusion showing on his face. I pulled out my measuring tape, got down on my knees and measured his feet. They were 9 an 1/2 sized shoe. I breathed out a sigh, got up, and left with my partner.

"We should just measure their feet first," Detective Barber said.

"I agree."

We quickly drove to the next suspect which was Carlton E. Brown. He was in the middle of teaching a class when we walked in. I quickly asked him where he was yesterday at 8-9 and he said something about grading papers. I sort of cut him off mid sentence and measured his feet This guys feet were 12 feet long, too big for the shoe print we fond. We then thanked him for his time and walked out.

"Where to now?" Barber asked me.

"I'm thinking about going to the bowling alley that Jaden was talking about and see if anyone saw him waiting." I told him.

"Sounds good." He said back.

When we arrived, the bowling alley had just opened and it was just as empty as a trash can after garbage day. In other words, it was almost completely vacant. We went up to one of the workers and asked him if he saw anybody come here and wait for a long time last night. He replied,"Yes, a tall African American with Blond hair was waiting here last night for his friend to show up."

"Did his friend ever show up?" Detective Barber asked.

"Yes, around 8:42."

"Thank you." I said as we walked away.

"Well," Detective Barber said, "Now we know Jaden didn't do it. Who we going to interrogate next?"

"I think we should interrogate Kenyan next since we know he was gone between 8 and 8:40 and he's the last suspect"

"OK, lets go." Detective Barber said.

We pulled into Kenyan's Drive way a little after 1:20. We then got out and knocked on the door. I notice the curtains move right before I knocked. A man in a brown jacket that seemed familiar opened the door. "Can I help you?" He said

"Yes , actually, we'd just like to ask you a few questions."

"Um....... OK. What for?" Kenyan replied as he let us into his home which was really dirty with carpet stains all over the place.

"Just some questions about the robbery last night." Detective Barber said.

I noticed a look of shock flash across Kenyan's face, but only for a split second.

"Oh.... OK." Kenyan said.

Kenyan led us to his living room where we could sit down and talk. It wasn't as disgusting as the rest of his home, but it still was pretty bad.

"So, Kenyan, where were you between the hours of 8 and 9."

Kenyan gulped and said slowly,"I was working on my LEEP project which was due for school that same day. I had barely finished and was on my way to Atlanta Lanes to go bowling with My friend, Jaden Pemborton when I heard about the crime. I arrived at the bowling alley at 9:46."

I looked at Kenyans jacket and suddenly remembered where I had seen it before.

"Where were you this morning?" I asked him.

Detective Barber looked at me strangely and said,"What does that have to do with the crime?"

I waved him aside and repeated the question,"Kenyan, where were you this morning."

"I was here at my house watching T.V." Kenyan said as sweat rolled down his face.

"May I measure your feet?" I said, already pulling out my measuring tape.

"Sure." Kenyan said more sweat rolling down his face. When I measured his feet sure enough they were 11 feet long.

"That's a relief." I said as I got up off of the dirty floor.

"What is?" Kenyan asked.

"Just that my work here is done." I said. "Detective Barber, arrest this man for grand theft of the Coca Cola Factory and for lying to a detective."

How did Detective Sanders figure it out?

*Written by Micah Johnson

The LEEP project at Clark Atlanta University is for Juniors and Seniors, Kenyan said he arrived at the bowling Alley at 8:46 and every body else said he arrived at 8:42, Kenyan had said the wrong name of the bowling Alley, Kenyan's feet were 11 feet long, Kenyan had lied when he said that he was at home watching T.V. because Detective Sanders had seen Kenyan running home when he was driving to meet Detective Barber at the book store, and Kenyan was nervous when the detectives asked him questions. Everybody else told the truth.


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