CFL Beginner Week 2
The Greater KC Chinese School

September 7th, 2014

"Pai dui" - lining up to go to cafeteria, break, or fire drill.  "Practice, practice, and practice", said my daughter's kindergarten teacher whose wise advice I shall follow.

Review Material

Here is a YouTube Video containing notes on what we have been working on in class:  review of colors - blue, red, yellow, green; "1,2,3,4,5,6,7 where are my friends?"; "The Fisherman's Song"

Here is a better rendition of the "Fishing Song" on YouTube:

Snack Time

Thanks to the Grumans and the Barkers for volunteering to be the classroom parents and bringing snacks/drinks for us today.

Classroom Parents

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to be a classroom parents.  I still have Sep 28, Nov 23,  Dec 7, and Dec 14 (4 dates) left.  Young children have unexpected needs that need adult supervision, your contribution is much appreciated.  Next week, Mrs. Covington has signed up to be our classroom mom.  If you would bring a snack and a drink for each of our student (we will have 16 next week), they kids would love it.

Need to Contact me?

See y‘all next week - 再見zai jian!