Judy moody
saves the world

By:Megen McDonald

"Judy moody saves the world",is a very encouraging book becase it has a good lesson.This book is a story aboat a girl that when here teacher tells her that a thousands of trees get cut and choped every day.so she tells her hole class, "bring cans to school to save trees. So, then it spreads to the hole school and every one brings cans every day.Then they eventrelly add up all the cans they brought and end up with alot of cans. It's a really good story. It is kind of long. This book is also second through fifth grade book, it also is easy to read  for fourth and fifth grade.

This is the main character from the story.

Judy moody is the main character in the story, but there are other characters in the story like stink.Stink is judy moodys brother which judy and stink don't get along all the time.There is also judy's friends frank and rocky.

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