Inheritance journal part 2

- the words that I highlighted are slavery, sell piano, buy his wife, trade off some of his nigger for that piano, told him he would give him one and a half nigger for it. It relates to inheritance it relates to inheritance because that's how they got the piano and that's were the Man carved the piano and they said it was there family story. They all related to inheritance.

- these words show me that his grandma and his dad was traded for the piano so theu lady missed the boy and the grandma so she asked the man to carve there face into the piano and he carved his whole family story into the piano

- the conflict they are facing is that ones of them wants to sell the piano and the others don't want to because there dad died over the piano and it has there family story in there.

- I think that they should keep they piano because that's were there family story in it