Dental Implants In Mountain View – Breaking The Myths Apart

Dental implants are one of those devices that can bring back the smile on your face that you have lost. Whether it was an accident that caused you to lose your smile or maybe an infection that took away a few of your precious teeth, with the procedure of teeth implantation, you can restore everything back to the way it was. This revolutionary technique has emerged as the savior for millions of people who have not just lost their teeth in that accident, they have lost their self image and confidence as well!

But sadly, most people have some extremely wrong notions about this procedure and these myths keep them from getting dental implants for themselves. It is these myths that stand in the way of them and their healthy and cheerful smiles. So here is a list of three of the most common misconceptions about teeth implants along with the expert opinion of a dentist to shed some light on the reality behind them.

The pain

Many people believe that getting teeth implants is a long, drawn out procedure that will get you to go through extreme pain, the likes of which you have never experienced before! But this isn’t true! What you need to understand that every part of this surgery will be in control of the dentist that you choose to administer the procedure. And he/she will not leave you to deal with the pain at any point. There will be Nitrous Oxide, local anesthesia as well as pain killers to help you deal with the sensations in your teeth before, during and after the procedure. So there really is nothing to be scared about.

The suitability

Many people also believe that getting custom dental implants is not for everyone. The belief is that you need to possess enough natural bone to be an ideal candidate for the procedure. But this is not the case. Your dental practitioner will perform an X-Ray to identify and test the strength of the bone in your jaw. There is also the option to go for a bone graft from some other part of your body or from a donor cadaver. All in all, getting teeth implants is possible even if you have gone through a traumatic facial injury. So there really is nothing to be worried about.

The effectiveness

Many people also think that dental implants do not stay in place – the teeth on top collapse and no teeth can be used there ever! This is again a false notion as only FDA approved products are used to administer the procedure, ruling out the possibility of any fall-outs. The only reason behind any damage to your implants can be an injury after the procedure has been carried out.

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