By: Seville War

July 2rd, 1863, 8:20 PM- My name is Seville War. I am from Little Rock Arkansas. I  am a Sergeant in the Confederate army. Tomorrow will be a great day. We will be able to defeat the union and get them back for tomorrow. I have high hopes for this battle, and am sure that we can drive them back. We will be victorious!

July 3rd, 1863, 3:32 PM- I was wrong. This is not a winning battle, at least for me. I lie here doomed. My leg hhas beeen blown off....blood

Samantha: Bully!!! I can't believe we won the battle!

Colin: Boy am I played out, that was long.

Samantha: Ya we’ve been through the mill! I'm glad we whipped the graybacks!

Colin: I’m as fit as a fiddle after that. We made them skedaddle.

Samantha: Me too, dodging those hornets took a lot out of me, but I guess thats all apart of Toeing the Mark!

Colin: I’m so hungry I’ll go grab a root.

Samantha: Hunkey Dorey, thats a great idea! I'm gonna get some goobers

Colin: We only got iron crackers, but it’ll do.

Samantha: I'm never snug as a bug in these tents.

Colin: I am gonna clean by pepperbox now.

Journal #3 May 1st 1863

Our camp is in Northern Virginia. It is set up in an orderly fashion, each tent is in line with another one. We have a few tables next to the trees, and it has been quitee nice here. As normal at camp, we wake up, drill, drill, drill. Lots of drills. I have to venture into the forest to get timberwood, as that is my job. We had an escaper yesterday, be he was caught in a field nearbye. He was given the job of cleaning our tent, (and many more) so I did not have to clean it. It has been nice here.


1) I wanted to stay home and help my mother. She needed to heal.

2)I was proud to help the union because they have the best cause.

3)I wish my mother had not died.

4) Q: What happened to your brother?

     A: I do not know. I hope he is alive and well.

Journal #5


Journal #6  May 4, 1863

Dear Home:

Camp is alright. We have little to do, but it is better than having nothing to do. The food is terible. Fun is hard to find. I pass the time by reading, and by writing. Which is why I send so many letters. I am almost out of reading matieral, so it will be a fifth time reading Uncle Tom's Cabin. That news is better than the food, which is rubbish. I could not eat the hardtack, it was too hard. I could not eat the salted meat, it was too salty. I could not eat the vegtable cakes, they were rotten. This has not been fun. I still eat somehow. The raw beef is the best, with a side of ditch water. We watch baseball, wrestling, and card games. These are fine.

Journal #7 May 6th, 1863

The sickness is bad here at camp. People are dieing all over the place. They die from all sorts of sickness or diesese. It smells of blood and flesh. I do not know how much more of this I can take. We might move out soon, and then get away from all of this death.

Journal #8 May 17th

I come home for a day now, before going back off to war. It has been wonderful to se my family again. It has only been 5 months, but those days away from home have been the longest of my life. I have changed so much over these months. My family has been very pleased to see me, as I have been to them. I must leave here on the 19th, because we must go again. The only reason  I could come back is because we camped nearbye, and I am an officer now. I hope to see my family again.

Photo promts:

Photo Prompt 1#

Colour: This example of colour is playing cards. Soldiers would often use these for fun and to pass the time.

Photo Prompt 2#

Morning: The morning is often a beautiful sight. Soldiers might look upon a sunrise before a battle and wonder what could happen.

Photo Prompt #3

Battle: A battle is the most intense and unforgiving places anyone could ever be. Being a soldier, they fought many battles and could easily be killed.

Photo Prompt #4

Home: Above is a standard home at the time of the civil war. They were not big. but that does not make it unspecial. Soldiers often wrote to home and family wrote back.

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