Learning about informational text

What is non-fiction?

Non-fiction are things with real facts, such as news articles, books, maps, graphs, charts, or magazines. We read non-fiction to learn about real people, places, or historical facts. We also read non-fiction for fun. Some people read news articles to stay up-to-date. People know where to go when using maps. Sometimes, we use graphs or charts in meetings.

Features found in "National Geographic         Explorer!- Siberian survivor"

  • Headings (title of a certain section) on page 2-3
  • Photographs (real life pictures) on page 19 (and every other page)
  • Subheadings on page 18 (and some other pages)
  • Captions (describes the photograph) on page 9 (and some other pages)
  • Labels (describes the diagram) on page 18